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Experience strong, reliable internet connectivity on-the-go with our  Wi-Fi Wireless 4g routers.

Stay connected with Deep Orange Tech.

Experience reliable connectivity on the go

Superb Signal Sensitivity

Pre-configured, True Plug and Play

Advanced Network Settings

How it works


Compact and small design for easy portability and storage


Easy setup process, with default password and immediate connection to the internet


Reliable and consistent performance over extended periods of use


Versatile compatibility with different devices and internet plans


4G/LTE Wi-Fi Router with 5-Ports, support wide range of bands and works with many carriers The Modem Router Combo is working with USA/Canada/Mexico SIM Card with USB Port, SIM Card Slot with External Antennas The internet speed is up to 300Mbps and works with 3G 4G LTE. Great solution for RV , Mobile home etc. The Wi-Fi Coverage can cover single family home. Please note this product does not work on the legacy Sprint network, and it may not work on Verizon network (Page Plus works). In case of the no connectivity, please contact your Internet Service provider with your IMEI number ready (IMEI) number can be found when you log in your admin account. Or contact us for further technical support.

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