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Instant, universal access to data – at some of the lowest rates available in the U.S.


Organizations that need affordable, accessible data connectivity for IoT and other commercial applications typically have two struggles: finding wireless solutions that are flexible and compatible with multiple networks, and keeping the costs of their data plans down.


Deep Orange Data provides a revolutionary answer, with plans that provide instant 4G (and 5G where available) wireless data connectivity for a fraction of the cost you might pay with any other provider, anywhere. Our plans are also flexible enough to provide roaming data from anywhere across the globe – no matter where you want to operate, Deep Orange can get you connected instantly and reliably.


What makes Deep Orange different?

Deep Orange Data is offered by Deep Orange Technology, a global wireless data provider for IoT and other commercial applications, based in the U.S. and headquartered in New York. We are part of a worldwide group of data providers who purchase data on a wholesale basis from most of the major suppliers, and leverage combined resources in order to optimize data usage and offer plans at radically reduced rates.


What is Deep Orange data useful for?

● Fleet management and vehicle connectivity applications

● IoT applications (machine-to-machine connectivity)

● Other business applications that require simple, reliable data connectivity, but not SMS or voice


Deep Orange Data delivers instant and reliable wireless data access for commercial and business fleets, smart vehicles and devices such as tablets, cameras, sensors and other assets that your organization needs to stay connected to.


For a smarter, more flexible 4G/5G wireless data connectivity at some of the lowest rates available in the U.S., Deep Orange is the answer.


​Monthly Pricing

Screenshot 2023-10-12 at 5.12.13 PM.png

​SIM Card cost per card $2.00, unactivated

For more detailed information about rates and plans, contact us at (877) 220-0389 and

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