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Secure your vehicle and ensure you always know its location with the Smart Car Key. This innovative device plugs directly into your car's OBD slot, providing seamless integration with Apple’s Find My network for unmatched tracking precision.

Key Features:

  • Apple MFi Certification: Official Apple certification ensures compatibility and reliable performance with your Apple devices.
  • OBD Slot Plug-in: Easy to install, the plugs directly into your vehicle's OBD slot located under the steering wheel.
  • No Recharge Needed: Powered directly from your car, the product requires no recharging, offering continuous operation without interruption.
  • Anti-Lost Locator: Utilize Apple’s Find My network to receive instant alerts if your car moves out of range, ensuring its security.
  • Find My Network Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate with Apple's Find My network without needing additional apps for a hassle-free experience.
  • Precision Positioning: Advanced positioning technology provides accurate and reliable tracking, so you always know where your car is.
  • Lightweight and Discreet: Compact design ensures the device is unobtrusive and doesn’t interfere with driving.
  • Real-Time Location Tracking: Access real-time location data via the Apple Find My app, enhancing your vehicle's security.

Smart Car Key with Apple Certified Anti-Loss Device | OBD Slot Plug-in

$23.99 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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